Critter Bot Kit (8-Pack)
Critter Bot 8 Pack: Build your first robot with vibration pancake motors!
Critter bot: Robot panda!

Critter Bot Kit (8-Pack)

Barnabas Robotics
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The Critter Bot 8-Pack is perfect for any kid age 6-10 who wants to build their very first robot.  Robot builders will use their creativity and dexterity skills to build unique "Critters: of their own that will move on their own.  This kit contains enough parts for 8 robots.  Have a robot party with friends or build a robot family!

Kit Contents:

  • 8 x Vibration DC Motor (Pancake Style)
  • 8 x Coincell Battery (CR2032)
  • 8 x Medicine Cups
  • 8 x Head and Body Templates
  • 8 x 3/4" Barnabas Stickers
  • 20 x Half-Sized Double-Stick Foams